[Use case ]A/B Testing? More like A/Beer Testing: An Amoobi Case Study

Febuary 2022

When I was a Buyer for Walmart’s ecommerce division, one of the most important parts of my job was running A/B tests: a form of two-sample hypothesis testing where you take one thing, try it out, and then do another, similar thing. This way, you can compare two actions and see which gleans better results. For web merchandising, this usually took the form of something like adjusting the product appearance order on browse pages, or altering the format of imagery. The goal was to see if some change sparked a substantial increase in product views or conversion.


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[Whitepaper] Are you taking advantage of your store most valuable space?

April 2022

Many retailers believe that having more feature areas on the shop floor will result in more sales. What if we told you they’re wrong?
Feature spaces are areas of a store aimed at capturing customer attention. The most common ones are the store entrance displays and the endcaps. However, there are usually other feature spaces spread out across the store, such as displays in main aisles, dedicated promotion zones, or special fridges


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[Use case] Amoobi demonstrates in-store customer tracking in the Diageo Collaboration Center

May 2022

Located in Stamford Connecticut, the Center is a state-of-the-art facility designed to show Diageo stakeholders how they can use the world’s most advanced retail technology to improve the shopper experience within beverage alcohol.

Amoobi was lucky enough to partner with Diageo and install our equipment in the DCC in order to show Diageo’s visitors how we are helping them change the world of retail. Amoobi was honored to introduce our technology to this innovative space.


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[Video]Amoobi featured as a promising scale-up (French)

March 2022

Amoobi was featured by Belgian (French speaking) television as a promising scale-up. Check-out this interview of our CEO discussing our journey, growth and future ambitions (in French).


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Amoobi participates to the Belgian trade mission to the USA (in French)

June 2022

Vous ne l’avez peut-être jamais remarqué, mais dans certains magasins de grande distribution comme Delhaize, MediaMarkt, Walmart ou Ikea, des capteurs au plafond enregistrent vos déplacements. Ils enregistrent les flux de clients, permettant aux enseignes de connaître leur circulation dans les supermarchés, le temps qu’ils passent dans les rayons, donc les endroits qui sont peu fréquentés ou contraire ceux où il y a souvent une file d’attente. Objectif ? Mieux organiser l’espace commercial, à la fois pour rendre les courses plus efficaces pour le particulier et pour rendre les affaires plus florissantes pour le patron.


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Amoobi, an innovative solution conquering the USA (belgian economic mission - In French)

June 2022

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How COVID-19 Will Lead to a New Promo Strategy Approach

June 2020

It’s clear that the pandemic has changed shopper behavior, and we expect that some of those changes will stick. The key question for retailers and brandsis how they should adjust and capitalize on it. As this crisis is unprecedented, it’s hard to predict which behaviors will stick. However, a couple of solid trends have emerged over the past few months and are likely to stay for a while.


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What U.S. Grocers Can Learn From Their European Counterparts

April 2020

The current COVID-19 crisis generates highly fluctuating demand in stores. While fashion retail and department stores are suffering, grocers are currently on the other side of the spectrum. To call it “flourishing” might be a stretch, but at least they’re not losing. 


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