Discover the tools we use

High precision customer journey analyzer

We use optical sensors to measure precisely the exact position every second (or less)  of every individual shopper from entrance till exit of the store allowing to precisely understand how shoppers browse a specific category or the full store. We also use this information to understand the customer decision process in front of a category and the engagement towards promo allowing to precisely understand the missed opportunities of shoppers browsing but not buying.

Customer flow analyzer

The customer flow analyzer is a core element of many of our solutions. Using state of the art sensors, we collect Bluetooth/Wifi signals emitted naturally by mobile phones to position them using our own localization algorithm. We collect a full trace of each detected mobile phone. This trace is then aggregated into our database to extract statistics about the main routes taken in the store or shopping center.

Customer mission segmentation analyzer

The shopper mission analyzer is a software tool developed by Amoobi and built on our experience, which helps retailers understand the reasons to visit a store amongst the different shopping trips. This tool uses the sales transactions to identify groups of shopping missions. The different missions are defined per retailer based on their strategy and on our experience of shopping missions.

This tool allows us to easily identify opportunities per shopping mission and per category to improve the store performance by refocusing the offer towards the most desired shopper profiles.

Service Efficiency Analyzer

Using birdseye cameras, we monitor interactions at service counters (e.g. customer service desks, specific services, butchers etc.). Using this information we are able to detect the efficiency of a service desk and validate the appropriate level of staffing.

Example KPIs: 

- How many shoppers are waiting for how long based on staff availability?

- How many shoppers abandon the queue?

- What is the flow of people around the service counter (where they come from, where they go etc.)

Management performance enabler

Thanks to all the data we collect, our team of experts provide insights visualized through the use of Tableau Software. Thanks to this award winning software, we provide enhanced business insights through better visualisation of data. If needed, our clients can get access to the Tableau reports for ongoing monitoring of their stores. We also provide in-house training for Tableau to develop internal customer insight capabilities for using the software.

Promotion engagement analyzer

This solution uses facial detection to measure the engagement and the demographic profile of visitors towards POS, a display, or a specific promotion. This solution will provide information such as audience attention span, gender and age of viewers allowing us to clearly measure the engagement towards a specific display.