Want to improve your in-store space performance across all your categories?

ASK: The comprehensive tool from Amoobi that allows you to deep dive into your specific customers’ behavior. An easy-to-use, convenient web-based tool, you can understand how your customers act on the store floor from every angle. Answer questions such as:

  • Do they visit multiple product groups during their trip?
  • Where are they hesitating? Where are they not engaging?
  • What areas are customers not reaching?
  • Are they engaging with stackouts and endcaps?


Proper category management requires a deeper undertand of space management and customer engagement, that's where we help!

Be more efficient

Managing priorities is hard

Category managers and merchandising specialist spend a lot of their time managing urgencies and dealing with negociation and suppliers partnerships. When it comes to long term planning, there is just no time.

Drastically improve the performance of your category review

When dealing with review of the category strategy, there is vastly available source of data and insights to make the best decisions on assortments, pricing and new trends. But when it comes to space optimization, there is very limited data: where should we locate each subcategory, what are the best adjacencies, where are the destination products vs impulse, what is the performance of signage and the true role of promotions and endcaps in driving traffic? All those questions can now be answered using ASK by Amoobi

We measure automatically and anonymously the in-store unique customer path


Measure shopper visits across the full store.


Undertand where visitors go and how they visit each part of the store. Understand traffic pattern by visit type (short, average, long visits) and review where shoppers spend time in-store. Understand which categories are jointly visited during the same trip highlighting possible opportunities for regrouping them.

Understand the shopper conversion funnel at bay level


We can narrow down information at bay level and help you understand where shoppers go. If you're underperforming on a specific shelf, you can now undertand if it's a traffic problem (not enough exposure) or a conversion problem (enough traffic but ending up not buying)