Our services for retailers

Improve concept stores


This project focuses on helping our clients find the fastest route to a new, more efficient concept store. We support you from the initial phase by providing insights on current store usage results, and by working hand in hand with you to find opportunities for improvement in the new concept. We then review the results of the newly implemented concept with you, to make sure we fine tune the concept and validate it's efficiency before roll-out. 

In a nutshell: We help you optimize your macro-space allocation in your new concept store, using a fully customer centric approach.

Boost store sales by improving space allocation in larger stores, based on customer behaviour (Dwell time, Frequency of visit, Conversion etc.)

Range & Adjacencies Review


Regularly reviewing range & adjacencies is an important part of a good category management process. We start by defining with you the key goals for the category (sales, margin, loyalty to the store, share of wallet) and we then apply our own tool to extract a ranking of the best performing products in the categories. We also use camera analytics to understand how shoppers navigate the category and how to make their decisions at the shelf to optimize product grouping and adjacencies. In collaboration with your buyers and category managers, we then define the products to be extended, delisted and moved. The output of this process is a renewed category with proven increased sales that can be rolled out to the whole network.

Boost category sales: ePOS and loyalty data + micro flow (through camera analytics) to understand and optimize a category (complementarity, delists etc.).

Display promotion efficiency


Promo end caps and displays have become a key elements of many stores. The purpose of this service is to offer a true performance evaluation of display, endcap and cross-merchandising activities. By measuring visitor engagement with such elements, we can measure their true attractiveness and the impact on the adjoining aisles. By doing multiple testing, you can gain a better learning of the key drivers of efficiency for your stores and negotiate better with suppliers.


Boost promotion efficiency by using KPIs to determine the best location for promotion displays (# viewers, # conversion, attention time, conversion etc.).

Customer service optimizer


Modern shoppers are looking for better service when visiting bricks and mortar stores. To support our clients' initiatives, we have developed a methodology to measure the true effectiveness of customer services. Using various solutions, we measure the engagement of visitors at customer service counters (how many people are interested, whether they have to wait, how long for etc.) and we suggest amends to the staffing rotas to reflect to the true usage of the counter.

Boost stores sales by improving the ROI on your customer services initiatives. We evaluate the value of your services: (1) # Interactions (2) Dwell time (3) Customer Satisfaction (4) Sales impact.

Store estate clusterization


When considering your store estate, are you focused on trying to find one size that fits all, or do you believe in differentiating your stores? We help you create clusters amongst your stores, and give you tools to adapt the strategy: cluster by cluster. We believe in understanding how people use your store and we apply our shopping mission classification solution to understand how people use your store and what the typical usage per cluster is. Once we understand the various shopping missions per cluster, we can then use our benchmarks to understand the underperforming categories for each shopping mission and cluster.

Boost stores sales by managing the store (assortment, layout etc.) based on the real customer mission.

'Store-in-Store' and 'Reason to Visit' efficiency


A key focus for today's retailers is acquiring new customers, and therefore providing additional reasons to visit the store. Whether they are adding new services, partnering with other retailers on site, or leveraging existing touchpoints (petrol station, click and collect points, etc.), we help retailers measure the true efficiency of their initiatives and provide a strategic review of the store value of each initiative (including elements like visitor acquisition, visitor cannibalization, etc.).

Boost stores sales by bringing the right partners on site. Evaluate the full benefit of a new partner on site and decide to roll-out the most profitable ones.

Store performance check-up


With the frenzied growth of store numbers, many retailers have now a large and diverse network of stores. Using our tools and expertise, we can provide an assessment of current store performance and provide recommendations on either how to improve store performance (also from an operational point of view) or how to rationalize your store network.

Boost specific store sales by managing the store (assortment, layout etc.) based on the real customer mission.

Store benchmarking


When dealing with a large store network, it is important to evaluate the KPIs of each store in terms of flow, conversion, average basket etc. individually. Using those KPIs, our experts can provide recommendations which are most important for expansion (based on the current network: what are the best opportunities for the future?), for operations (based on KPIs: which stores can be improved via best practice transfer?), and for marketing (based on usage: where should we differentiate or unify our customers)?.

Boost stores sales by developing a portfolio matrix to isolate best practice to be replicated to stores with the higher potential.

Store dashboarding


Store operations are critical, as the commercial dynamic of the store is key to its success. In such projects, we provide a long term access to key performance indicators, which can be understood and transformed into actions by the store manager. This dashboard helps store managers and regional directors to better manage the performance of the store and help them make smarter and faster decisions.

Boost stores sales by providing the right information to the store manager.

Customer optimization across channels


Omnichannel means serving the customer independently of the channel being used, and is a key element for retailers and customers alike. We help retailers by prodiving a unified view of shopping missions across channels. With a view of customer missions across channels, we can then improve and adapt the commercial strategy to fullfill the needs and wants of shoppers per channel.


Boost sales per channel by reviewing shopping missions across channels. Shape channel offering to suit customer needs




Identify your core challenges and ensure commitment to take actions based on insights.



Identify the correct data sources and time periods required to answer the challenge.



Proposal presented. Upon agreement a kick off meeting is held to fine tune details.



Where required, in-store tech is installed (e.g. customer flow tracking)



The relevant internal data (ePOS) and external data (customer tracking) is collected, cleaned and checked.


Identification of insights

Our team extracts initial insights relevant to your challenge, and compares to our  internal benchmarks (where relevant).


Store visit

We conduct store visits to contextualise the initial insights.


Validation of insights

We refine our insights and present our findings. 


Continuous monitoring

Where continuous monitoring is required, we provide a dashboard and hand over the analysis to your team.