At Amoobi we derive insights based on multiple sources of data. Some of this data comes from our clients (ePOS, loyalty etc.) and some of this data comes from legacy systems, which we install in stores. In both cases, we work very hard to make the data secure and ensure the maximum level of privacy to our clients' clients.




Treatment of ePOS and loyalty data

When dealing with ePOS or loyalty data, we first store the data on our secure servers. Moreover, the data is never linked to a customer ID. For example loyalty data would always be sanitized to remove the personal information of the shoppers. The data that we use is thus in no way linked to the identity of the shoppers ensuring a total respect of privacy.


Optical sensor based analysis

We use birdseye optical sensors to monitor the flow of shoppers in specific areas of the store. The sensors do not record images, instead they convert customer movements into numbers automatically. Therefore, we make sure that it's impossible to identify anyone, allowing us to collect insights while fully respecting customer privacy.


Mobile tracking

We work based on the EU legislation and recommendations of the “29 group”, to make sure that our systems do not violate any data protection laws. We collect only MAC addresses and do not share them with our customers. Our system provides aggregate data about shopper behaviour only. The MAC addresses we collect are not linked to shoppers’ identities since the addresses are not connected to their cell phones’ SIM cards. We do not collect the names of shoppers’ devices, since this could reveal a shopper’s identity (if, for example, the shopper named his device using his own name).

To protect the identities of store employees, we permanently remove the MAC addresses of shoppers identified as potential employees (i.e. people who come to the store at regular times and stay for an extended period of time).

In addition, we recommend that our clients display signage at the entrance to enable customers to opt-out with a QR code. Amoobi can provide advice on wording.

Moreover, Amoobi uses several security methods to avoid issues:

  • We don’t collect the name of the phone, which could be a problem if someone use their personal name.
  • MAC addresses are encrypted in our database through a one way hashing. This hashing cannot be reverted and ensure thus a total security for our clients. This hashing is unique for each project (it’s thus impossible to compare with other projects) and we have a 3-step security process on top of the traditional hashing.
  • All information sent to the server is transferred via an SSL encrypted connection.
  • All data is always presented aggregated. This provides an additional security for our clients.
  • Amoobi is a member of Privacy Special Interest Group (



For solutions based on mobile tracking, we are a member of the European PrivacySIG, providing a unified opt-out process. If you want to be removed from our databases (and all databases of PrivacySIG members), please go to this website and follow instructions: