We measure Shopper Flow across the whole store and we propose new layouts.

Lab store is the ultimate way for a retailer to drive innovation across all areas of the store. Our lab store solution is a permanent, fully equipped store that allows retailers to get daily access to all insights about customer engagement in any area of the store (queue, category, service counter, promotion, overall navigation, in-store dining, etc). With this set of insights, retailers are empowered with a data-driven tool to manage and measure all innovations in the store and then roll-out best practices across the fleet of stores.

Shoppers benefits

  • Easier to shop store concept allowing shopper to find what they want more quickly and easily across short, medium and long shopper missions.

  • Increased average basket size, due to finding complimentary categories next to each other across the whole store.

  • Reduced queue time due to better allocation of staff, and right number and type of checkouts.

  • Increased shopper satisfaction causing reduced store abandonment and/or increased frequency of visit

Store benefits

  • Quicker and more effective, fact-based store (re)design process.

  • Less store manager time spent on staff scheduling and allocation.

  • Better employee retention due to improved store concept and operation.