We identify peak queue times and the effect on store flow and abandonment.

Queueing at the end of a shopping trip is probably the most frustrating part for shoppers. The Check-out Scan is a product that will measure precisely the waiting time and open tills in any kind of store and any kind of queue (main banks, self-scan, self-check-out, single line, etc).
Thanks to those operational KPIs, store managers and checkout managers are empowered with the right information to better schedule staff and deliver a faster check-out experience to delight customers.


Shopper benefits

  • Reduced queue time due to better allocation of staff, and right number and type of checkouts.

  • Increased average basket size (due to reinvested time).

  • Increased shopper satisfaction causing reduced shopper lapsing and/or increased frequency of visit.

Store benefits

  • Less store manager time spent on scheduling.

  • More efficient use of staff by allocating right activities to right times.

  • Less staff stress/demotivation due to queue build ups.