We analyse shopper behaviour to redesign the category to make it easier to shop and to increase the effectiveness of promotions.

Category review is the process of reviewing the different SKUs (stock keeping units) of a category to improve the category efficiency (meaning usually total sales) while optimizing the space being used. However, Category Management is usually mostly focused on sales data avoiding, therefore, insights about all the customers not buying the products. With our Category Scan, we introduce a total view of customer journeys inside the category to understand how to organize and capture opportunities across all shoppers. This leads to better layout, better understanding of conversion mod per mod and better usage of promotion space.

Shopper benefits

  • Increased shopper satisfaction and loyalty due to improved ease of shop.

  • Increased ‘spend per minute’ in the category, as shoppers spend less time to find what they want, and either gain a time saving or browse more of the category.

Store benefits

  • Increase sales through better category layout to suit shopping behaviour, and better identification of the biggest challenge in generating sales by individual offer (footfall, engagement or conversion).

  • Increased visual merchandising effectiveness within the category and identifying the most efficient trade plans.

  • Test and learn as to what the most efficient merchandising, signage and pricing is and its effect on shopper time, behaviour and conversion.