A few thoughts about the presentations at the House of Marketing (and link to video)

Amoobi was part of the presentation of the Yearly Marketing Survey from the House of Marketing together with the STIMA. It was very interesting to learn about the key results of the marketing survey which for this year, shows some mixed signals of opportunities and also threats. A few things we learned thanks to the presentation

  • Social media are attracting a lot of attention but it’s still very unclear what are the key metrics to evaluate the efficiency of social media. Clearly, we lack of clearly identified KPI to measure the efficiency of social media. A lot of people « like » pages but do it as a joke.
  • We see that traditional media are being less used by the marketeers even though Caroline from the House of Marketing made a clear statement that we still need to invest in « traditional » media like newspaper and TV.
  • We liked the methodology presented for marketeers based on four principles : FACTS for Focus - Agility - Creativity - Tangibility - Sustainability, especially tangibility which means that a good marketing strategy relies on KPI, dashboard and clear monitoring and analytics of what’s happening.
  • A few examples were presented including Starbucks and the down period they encountered a few years ago when they lost their focus and started doing multiple different things. They finally moved back to good coffee with even better customer experience which is why they are known today as a very successful company.
  • We learned about a lot of very intriguing new concept store like this one in Japan where the products are hidden behind doors to encourage visitors to be curious

Discussions at the end were very interesting and we met a lot of interesting people. Thanks again Jean and Caroline for the invitation and looking forward for more collaboration in the future!

If you want to see the video recording of the event, including the presentation of Amoobi, go to