Department analysis


  • Mission : A retailer asked us to perform a full analysis on a multi-department area of one of their stores.
  • Size of the project : A 3.000m2 part of a large store (> 8.000m2) during 12 weeks
  • Key results : We measured precisely the profile of the visitors of this area (how many, time spent, specific departments of interests) and we created a plan with 10 key indicators characterizing this part of the store. We formulated several recommendations about store improvement. It helped the retailer, articulate it's strategy for the future development of it's concept.

A challenging project

When you manage very large store, it's not always very easy to understand weither a promotion has some effects, or how to develop the signaling inside the store. Our customer was facing some unanswered questions specifically targeted at a part of the store. Most of the information they had in-house were about sales data.

We do a lot of analysis on our sales data but when facing a problem of execution, sales data are not helping a lot. You want to understand the process that leads a visitor from the entrance till the purchase act.

CRM Manager

We did a full check of the designated area during a 12 weeks period. This long period allowed us to oversee several key period of the store ranging from holiday to sales to normal period. The duration here is key as it allows us to benchmark our results and separate significantly different seasons inside the store.

It was a challenging project as we were collecting a huge amount of data, in total more than 40.000 different paths were recorded.

Olivier Delangre - Amoobi

Our results showed a lot of interesting information about people going to that area but also people who just passed by and did not enter. It was clear also that there were very different behaviors based on the frequency of visit to the store. Frequent customers do behave very differently of unfrequent customers and even if it may sound logical, it was very interesting to pinpoint it and to precisely evaluate the shares of each category of visitors.

We provided very precise information about departments that were working well and some insights on how to improve the others. We also elaborated a global picture of the best practices for this particular stores in order to help them better define their concept.

Again, the inclusion of sales data allowed us to obtain very interesting results like conversion rate department by department and we ended up the project with several important and actionnable conclusions to help them move forward. They are now in the execution phase with redesign of their store to be announced soon.

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