We help retailers optimize store performance
by providing unique insights
from customer behavior data and retail expertise.

What we are

Specialists of store optimization challenges

Instead of pushing additional data, dashboards or solutions on you, we start from your business challenges. This helps us to identify what the relevant data is that can be used  together with our expertise, to provide actionable insights to your specific problems: defining new concept layouts, store performance turnaround and many more. We integrate your specific positioning and strategy per store format to provide you with relevant answers to your business.


A unique combination of data and retail expertise

Our retail expertise is embodied by our experts who have prior experience working with top tier retailers and FMCGs. The company itself has a great knowledge base, having worked on 4 different continents with 4 of the 10 largest grocery retailers in the world. Of course, we work with many retailers beyond these, mostly in Grocery, DIY and Consumer Electronics goods.

Our data expertise is embodied by our data scientists and our solutions. Our data team is proud of its multiple PhDs and is composed of only top notch engineers.


Trusted partner

Our ambition is to go beyond solving single issues. Realizing various projects with our customers allows us to build internal and external benchmarks to deliver value on an ongoing basis to our executive customers. Typically we support our customers over many years on multi-million projects like concept store roll-outs.


Our beliefs

Before spending money, shoppers spend time in your store.

A unique shopper will visit the same store for multiple reasons. The store should be optimized according to those shopper missions.

To optimize bricks and mortar stores, retailers need data to provide facts (like e-commerce) but in order to transform this cost into a valuable investment the information needs to reach the right person so it can solve a precise challenge.

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“The ability to translate data into clear operational actions has helped our team in the field increase commercial performance by 5%. ”

Commercial Director

“Amoobi have been key to diagnose the current usage of our store, which helps reshape our strategy”

Business Unit Leader

“Having customer acquisition data assists us to take the right roll-out decision on multimillion-dollar new initiatives. ”

Vice President Format

“Based on the Amoobi facts and experience, we have been able to take profitable actions in many areas such as promotion, space allocation and customer acquisition. "”

Retail Director